why singers need charts the best way to assemble a band

Why Singers Need Charts

You’re a singer-songwriter with a new CD and a CD release party to plan, and the musicians on the CD aren’t available. Or you’re a jazz [or pop] singer with a polished repertoire, ready to play some gigs, have some fun and make a little money. You need a band, so you hook up with some part-time musicians [probably friends or friends of friends]. Rehearsal space is expensive and, with amateur musicians, the rehearsal process is too inefficient and frustratingly long. But it’s feasible to form a band with limited rehearsal time and space. First, you need to hire an experienced music arranger to assemble a “book” of written charts [sheet music] of your songs. Then you need to find competent, professional musicians who can sight-read your charts. Read more

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What you need to know before hiring an arranger

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