What Happens When The Band Arrives

  • Arrival and set-up – The band will arrive 45 to 60 minutes before start time. We can arrive earlier if necessary, but that may affect price. We bring a small to medium size sound system, instruments, music stands, microphone and stand and electrical extension cord. Set-up takes 15 minutes.
  • Sound check is not necessary. No annoying “test 1, 2, test 1, 2”. Our sound systems are state-of-the-art [manufactured by the Bose Corp.] and we know how to adjust them without a sound check. The systems can fill the room with clear sound at low volume.
  • The length of our sets depend on the length of the engagement, if there are to be speeches or announcements, etc. Generally they are 50 to 75 minutes, breaks are 10 to 15 minutes. We can be flexible. We can play recorded music on our breaks.
  • Sometimes the client wants us to play past the time agreed upon. This is not always possible, as one [or all] of us may have another commitment to fulfill. If it is possible, an overtime payment can be negotiated, and must be paid prior to working the extra time.
  • Our outfit of choice is a black suit with white or black shirt and long tie. We can also wear tuxedos or dress casually [“business casual”] if you prefer.
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