Coffee and Conversation

It’s late but this place looks open
And there’s a booth by the waitress station
Where I’ll assess my situation and try to find my way

Guess I should order something from that pretty girl there
And I’m aware that she caught me staring
And now she’s coming this way

I don’t want her number but if she could spare a little time
Some coffee and conversation would be just fine

And good evening to you, too, ma’am and, no, I have not decided yet
It’s been a night to forget except for your pretty eyes

I’ve been sittin’ here thinkin’ about just what in the world I’m gonna do
It’s true but maybe you’ve got a thought or two I could try on for size
Undying devotion is not what I have in mind
But coffee and conversation would be just fine

No good man should be cast away on an island in the middle of the sea
As his dreams sink like a stone
No good man should be locked away in a prison high atop a hill
Destined to live out his years alone

Wait a minute, don’t go yet, I’ll have what he’s having over there
Please pull up a chair and share your tender smile
I’ve been sittin’ here worryin’ about what the future may bring
And I was just wondering…can we talk awhile?

No ulterior motives, no funny business, no stupid lines
Coffee and conversation would be just fine

Coffee and Conversation