Original Songs By Peter Foret

  • “Love/Hate Thing” by Peter and the Wolves [2008] – My songs on this album come from a wide and eclectic mix of styles and influences. I hope you’ll hear traces of Steely Dan or Chicago, Robert Palmer or Randy Newman, maybe even Todd Rundgren or Carlos Santana. Listen to some music from the album.
  • The Peter Foret Project is comprised of full-time professional rock and jazz musicians from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In between gigs, tours, theatre shows, recording sessions and other music projects the band members are separately involved in, they congregate at studioNINE in Navan, Ontario to record Peter Foret’s original songs. The music reflects the diverse influences, experiences and tastes of the band. Jazz, Afro/Cuban, R&B, Gospel, Blues, woven into the fabric of mature and elegant pop/rock. Listen to our newest songs.