The joy of song

The Joy Of Song

100 years of popular music

Peter Forêt and The Moonlight Band


The joy of song
The joy of song

Memories become more precious as we enter the twilight of our lives. And memories of special moments in our lives are often triggered by songs that were popular during those special moments. A family kitchen party or vacation, a wedding or holiday, a first dance or kiss…a certain song often reminds us of these moments. And, though now we may sometimes have difficulty with our memories, our music seems to remain with us as clear and bright as ever.

“The Joy Of Song – 100 years of Popular Music” celebrates these memories. Known as “Peter Forêt and the Moonlight Band”, three of Ottawa’s finest musician/vocalist/entertainers  perform a wide variety of songs and styles that were popular from the 1870’s to the 1970’s. Featuring stellar 3-part vocal harmonies and virtuoso musicianship on six different instruments.

From the first few notes our audience is singing along to familiar favorites. Funny stories and anecdotes are interspersed throughout, and we even have our audience dancing in their chairs during our big Mambo number!



Peter Forêt and The Moonlight Band: The Players

Al 1

Al Bragg – steel guitar, pedal steel, Dobro, vocals

In the Ottawa Valley, where country music is king, Al Bragg is considered royalty.

An inductee in the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame and one of Canada’s finest pedal steel guitarists, Al has performed worldwide with some of country music’s biggest stars. He’s shared the stage with George Jones, Conway Twitty, Charlie Pride, and The Gatlin Brothers and has appeared on CBC and CTV television series and specials [Ann Murray, Carroll Baker, Tommy Hunter and Wayne Rostad] and dozens of radio shows and hundreds of recordings.


The joy of song

Ann Downey – upright bass, banjo, vocals, yodeling

Originally from the southwestern U.S., Ann Downey grew up absorbing her parents big band and mariachi records, singing in church choirs and learning to sing harmony in the car on their many moves.

(Since then) Ann has lived and performed in Europe and the U.S. before settling down in Ottawa where she has sung, played, recorded and toured with Finest Kind, Sneezy Waters, The Old Sod Band, Pat Moore and the Vinyl Frontier, the Kanata Symphony Orchestra and the Toasted Westerns. 

The joy of song

Peter Forêt: acoustic guitar, archtop guitar, vocals

Ottawa’s busiest musician/entertainer. Peter regularly  performs at corporate events, restaurants and nightclubs as a jazz, country and rock guitarist and singer for dozens of local bands, and as a solo artist as well.

He’s played guitar for internationally known artists such as Martha Reeves [of “Dancing in the Street” fame], Alanis Morrissette, comedian Bob Newhart and impressionist Rich Little. In 2010 Peter performed for Canadian and international troops in Kandahar and Kabul [Afghanistan] and Dubai [United Arab Emirates] as part of the Canadian Forces Show Tour’s “Task Force Afghanistan” show.