Listen to The Chill, lyrics and music by Peter Forêt
recorded at studioNINE



Everybody feels “the chill” at one time or another. A roots-y, New Orleans-style funk-rock tune a la Little  Feat or The Meters. The vocal arrangement on this one  was a group effort [ Michael Curtis Hanna, Dave Poulin, Sherri Harding and Dave Arthur], and, as I think you can tell, they had a blast singing it.  And check out the unique drum groove by Peter Beaudoin.

Here comes the chill  I can feel it in the air
Soon she’ll be givin’ me the cold shoulder and the awe-inspiring icy stare

Standin’ alone in the danger zone braced for the blame
Accused, tried, crucified it’s a cryin’ shame

No sober man could stand it so pass me my liquor and pills
They help me cope whenever I feel the chill

It starts in the chromosome move to the backbone make me shiver and shake
Up to the lip down the hip to the fingertip watch me quiver and quake

Down to the knees and I’m freezin’ she’s so cold I’m turnin’ blue
I can’t feel my toes they must be froze the chill fill me through and through

No mortal man can withstand it the symptoms persist until
I say I’m sorry and maybe survive the chill

Here come the chill and I’ll never say a word
I’ll never raise an eye and never ask why these episodes occurred

You gotta let it go, try to lay low live to fight another day
‘Cause there’s no magical potion or medicinal lotion to wash that chill away

No sane man could understand her except maybe Dr. Phil and he says
“Tell her you love her whenever you feel the chill”

Now I admit I don’t get it but I love her still
And that’s what I tell her whenever I feel the chill

the chill 1

Michael Curtis Hanna-lead vocal
Peter Forêt-guitar, songwriter/arranger
Dave Poulin-bass, background vocals, producer
Peter Beaudoin-drums
Mark Ferguson-keys, trombone
René Lavoie-alto saxophone
Mike Tremblay-tenor saxophone
Sherri Harding-background vocals
Dave Arthur-background vocals

cover art by Lucie Lavallée