Crazy Women, lyrics and music by Peter Forêt
recorded at studioNINE



A quirky, New Orleans-style period piece, featuring a brass band, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and an angelic choir.

When I first wrote this tune I thought I’d try it on a live gig. Using my chronically poor judgement I chose the song’s debut at a Catholic-run retirement home. The director was pissed off and wouldn’t hire me back. 

It was the “Mother Teresa” verse that got ’em. I think it’s kinda cute myself.

Amelia Earhart took off one day
Where she landed no one can say
She was rich and famous young and pretty 
Lived a life of leisure and luxury
She must’ve been crazy to fly that plane
And never be heard from or seen again

You gotta love her, gotta love that crazy woman

Old Mother Teresa took a vow
She didn’t have time for a boyfriend anyhow
‘Cause she cared for the sick she loved the poor
She prayed and prayed then she prayed some more
She must’ve been crazy certified insane
All that work for no financial gain
God love her, God love that crazy woman

Cave-woman though ill-behaved
Would bear cave-children and clean the cave
Cook cave-dinner and by nature’s plan she made
Crazy cave-love to the brave cave-man

They smell so nice they talk so sweet
They accelerate your heartbeat
And sometimes play us for the fools we are
And oh what fools we are

Crazy women set my heart afire
I can’t suppress the passion they inspire
Take Mata Hari or Ma Barker
Tokyo Rose or Bonnie Parker
Crazy Cleopatra Queen of the Nile
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher crazy bitch had style
Ain’t no escapin’ they’re everywhere
They’ll mesmerize you with they’re crazy stare
They’re out to get us each and every one
If we had any sense we’d turn tail and run
So boys beware, beware them crazy women
Here they come
Boys beware, beware them crazy women

Click the image to watch the "Crazy Women" video!

Peter Forêt-guitar, lead vocal, arranger
Dave Poulin-background vocals
Sherri Harding-background vocals
Paula Rich-McGowan-background vocals
Rebecca Noelle-background vocals
Dave Arthur, trombone
René Lavoie-soprano saxophone
Don Paterson-trumpet
Steve Guerin-tuba

cover art by Lucie Lavallée