Listen to Found A Love, lyrics and music by Peter Forêt
recorded at studioNINE


A reggae song of spiritual discovery. Michael Curtis Hanna sings, trumpet solo by Ed Lister.

Found a love, a love I need, total satisfaction guaranteed
Found a love, true love

Found a love, a love sublime, love to think about it all the time
Found a love, true love

I’m a nomad in the desert
Just tryin’ to find my way
It appeared to me one day

Found a love so bright, bright enough to light my darkest night
Found a love, true love

Found a love so sweet, sweet enough to sweep me off my feet
Found a love, true love

When a secret in a bottle
At the bottom of the sea
Revealed itself to me

Everybody needs a reason to live
Nobody more than me
Fly too close to passion aflame
You’ll never be the same

Found a love, found the key, found a way to end my misery
Found a love, true love

There’s a fool high on the mountain
As happy as can be
Took a fool to set my soul free

A star on the horizon
Ignites a brand new day
Somewhere far, far away

Found A Love

Michael Curtis Hanna-lead vocal
Peter Forêt-guitar, background vocal, songwriter/arranger
Dave Poulin-bass, background vocal, producer/engineer
Peter Beaudoin-drums
René Fortier-Latin percussion
Mark Ferguson-keys
Brian Asselin-tenor saxophone
Richard Page-baritone saxophone
Ed Lister-trumpet
Sherri Harding-background vocal
Rebecca Noelle-background vocal

cover art by Lucie Lavallée