Listen to Love Hate Thing, lyrics and music by Peter Forêt
recorded at studioNINE



I’m a big fan of the music of Steely Dan. From the “Purdie Shuffle” groove, to the “Mu Major” chord voicing in the chorus, even the dark lyrics…this song sounds like something from Aja.

First we suffer through the pleasure
Then we revel in the pain
Seeking shelter from the gentle sun
And basking in the rain

A classic confrontation
So step into the ring
Of a love hate thing

In a battle of wits or a test of will
The rules don’t apply
As the mercury rises you can’t disguise
The fire in your eyes          

Extend your other finger
And I’ll replace your ring
With a love hate thing

Between love and hate is a razor’s edge
And there are no shades of gray
And if I find that you crossed the line
It won’t scare me away

Some come on over baby
Let’s see what you can bring
To our love hate thing

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Michael Curtis Hanna-lead vocal
Peter Forêt-guitar, songwriter/arranger
Dave Poulin-bass, background vocals, producer
Rebecca Noelle-background vocals
Peter Beaudoin-drums
Mark Ferguson-keys, trombone
René Lavoie-tenor saxophone
Mike Tremblay-alto saxophone
Ed Lister-trumpet
Nick Dyson-trumpet
René Fortier-congas

cover art design by Lucie Lavallée, image by Dave Arthur