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pierre forêt instruction in flute, piccolo and recorder


Pierre is principal flute in the Ottawa Pops Orchestra (OPO) and piccoloist with the Orchestre à Vents Non Identifié (OVNI) in Montreal. He has performed with the Orchestre Symphonique de Gatineau (OSG) and Ensemble Prisme, as well as various theatre, corporate and private gigs.

Pierre Foret holds a Master’s Degree (M.Mus.) in music performance from the University of Ottawa and a Baccalauréat en musique (B.Mus.) in performance from the Conservatoire de musique de Gatineau.

lessons for students of all ages and abilities

Lessons given in my fully-equipped home studio in Hull, Quebec.



Listen to excerpts of Pierre with The Ottawa Pops Orchestra

flute solo-Princess Leia’s Theme

flute solo-Harry Potter Nimbus 2000

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